things that make me happy

1) sleep on the floor by the lumineers- the song and the music video

it’s literally the life I dream of living. the video both terrifies me and makes me unbelievably happy. 

2) rainbows/rainbow themed stuff

reminds me of the LGBT community, tbh there’s so much love and support within the community it’s beautiful.

3) dancing 

my passion and pretty much what keeps me sane and happy. 

4) eyeliner

winged liner makes everything better

5) bowties

so. cute. 

6) birthdays

somehow I always end up crying on my birthday, but I actually ’collect’ birthdays(I’m pretty much a calendar)

7) candid photographs

I absolutely love taking candid photographs, I think it’s the most beautiful form of photography. nothing is more spectacular than the moment you capture the happiness and beauty of a loved one and immortalize it. 


i might or might not do more of these(should I?? tell me??) 


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