wrong number

I finally found the courage to call you. You’d given me a new number a while ago, I’d copied it down in a hurry. 

I suddenly felt terribly lonely; i needed someone, anyone, to talk to. 

So i called you, calling upon every last ounce of remorse i had, and repeating, over and over, that i wouldnt talk about myself, i wouldnt suffocate you with this mess in my head.

I couldnt push you any farther away from me than you already were. 

So I’d ask you how you were, ask you how you’d been. Ask if you liked that new album. I’d tell you about that funny thing that happened last week, but I wouldn’t tell you how it reminded me of you, no, I couldn’t force you to bring me back into your life, I couldn’t suffocate you like that.

I’d talk to you for a while, long enough to distract me, but not long enough to send me into a breakdown again. 

So I dialled your number. 
The number you have dialled does not exist.  


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