rip glod 

I miss you. 

A lot. And even though you’re technically still here, its not the same, at all. I can’t tell you when your favorite song plays on the radio, because it probably isn’t you’re favorite anymore. A gift I bought for you is still on my desk, waiting for a day that might never come. Whenever I laugh, I think of you, and the way you’d cheer me up from a thousand miles away. There are more photos of you on my phone then there are of me, and there’s a picture of Blackbear that you sent to me. Pictures of the matching tattoos we planned to get someday, and pictures of the most random things. A mirror, a doodle, an empty glass, things that were then insignificant, but now remind me of what I managed to lose.

I knew i needed  you, but I never showed

But I wanna stay with you until we’re grey and old

Just say you won’t let go 

Just say you won’t let go 

I still cry when our songs play. The ones we sang in the balcony at three a.m. , before you moved. The ones we’d send each other after our fights. We always found our way back, always. Maybe not this time. But I love you. And I miss you. A lot. 

I wanna stay with you even when we’re ghosts, 

’cos you were always there for me when I needed you most.


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